Knuckle Monster began their takeover of the free world in early 2013. Huddled in drummer, Chris Guenzel’s, basement, the foursome fiercely debated over what would be a cool name for their newly formed band. Chris had come prepared with a long list of names that he had brainstormed. The list must have been truly pathetic because for some reason, “Knuckle Monster” emerged as the best choice.

At the very least, the Knuckle Monster guys hoped that the name conveys the “let’s rock and roll, let’s have some fun, let’s celebrate life” philosophy of the band. And maybe, “let’s have a few beers.” All four of the guys grew up in the 80’s worshipping heavy metal bands and eventually joining local hard rock/metal bands that were part of the Pittsburgh, PA music scene. While Knuckle Monster is more than happy to bring down the house with their almost famous “Metal Medley” tribute to 80’s hair bands, they are just as happy playing current pop hits or classics from the 70’s. Some of the most fun they (and hopefully their fans) have is when they “knuckify” songs ranging from Billie Jean to Adele to Black Eyed Peas.

While the guys in Knuckle Monster will never turn down a bar gig (or a free beer), they have found over the last few years that some of the greatest shows for them and their fans have been for charitable causes. Since their formation in 2013, the band is proud to have raised thousands of dollars for many great causes. They have helped local families affected by pediatric cancer, supported a local therapeutic horseback riding organization which helps special needs kids, and raised funds to help a local boy with severe autism get a very expensive, specially trained dog who would be a great pet and keep the boy safe at all times. So, while the Knuckle Monster guys can be goofy, and love to have a fun time rocking and rolling, they are actually quite serious about helping members of the Pittsburgh community when they are able to, by doing what they love…playing great rock and roll music.

Knuckle Monster-Metal Medley 2

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